Frequently Asked Questions:​

Q - What is the best age for newborn photo's?

A - I would highly recommend around 5-10 days old. This is when your baby is the sleepiest and remains in a 'curl' from the womb. After 10 days they start to push their limbs out a little more and are awake for longer. Babies of all ages are beautiful to photograph though, and I can work with any stage - so if you have missed the 2 week mark, don't stress! We can still make some amazing memories for you. If you are currently pregnant, we will pencil in your due date, then let me know as soon as possible when baby arrives and we can arrange a time.

Q - What if my baby doesn't settle in the shoot

A - The best way to answer this is to get you to understand my style. I really like to go with the flow when it comes to newborns. If a baby isn't tired, there is no point trying to get them to sleep. Instead I will work with them awake, creating memories of parent/sibling interactions etc which will tire them out anyway. If they still won't sleep there are always different wrapping techniques that usually work very well. The best thing to do NOT stress. Babies pick up on parents stress and it can make them unsettled themselves. It's easier said then done when you may be tired, running late, are still in pain etc. But just know that I try and make my home and studio a very comfortable place for you and your baby, and I am very easy going and don't stress easily. I generally have a good idea on colours/props i want to use for your shoot but I will constantly change things up and think of new ideas to suit how your baby (or toddler!) is coping. And this is why when you leave my studio, it will look like a bomb has hit it. My ideas will change as quickly as your baby does. If for some reason we don't get much, which is extremely unlikely, we can always re-shoot. 


Q - Should I be in the photos or should I just have my newborn photographed. 

A - This is entirely up to you, but I would HIGHLY recommend you and your partner (and family) be in the photo's. I find a lot of mums worry they won't look great after just having a baby, or that their toddler won't behave or that someone is 'unphotogenic'. Before I had kids I loved using props and getting the 'perfect' shot of just the newborn. Now that I have kids and have had newborn shoots myself, I can easily say the photo's I love seeing most are my growing family, how we interact together with each newborn, how my husband looked at me a certain way, or my 2 year olds love and curiosity for their new sibling. Trust me I get it, you probably feel at your worst, you're tired, you have bags under your eyes and you're most likely still in pain - but I have found going to that little effort to look like a normal human for the day is actually the prefect lift you might need! It will not be something you would regret, because you can always choose whether to buy the photo or not, but you may regret not being in them. One of my favourite photo's below is of a mum who wasn't sure if she would be in them or not - I am so glad she did! 

Q- When is the best time for maternity photos?

A- Generally 32-36 weeks is ideal.

In saying that though, everyone carries differently and will have

different things to deal with, so use this as a rough guide. I have had

women literally days before they're due look absolutely amazing and

had enough energy to manage the shoot, and some at 30 weeks already

feeling huge and tired, just wanting that baby out already! So for now,

let's pencil in the date but listen to your body - we can do the shoot when

you're a decent size but still comfortable. 

Q How long is a newborn shoot, and how will I keep my toddler occupied? 

A - Newborn shoots can vary from 2 to 4 hours depending on the 

number of family members. For example - the shoot to the right (mother

of 5)  took 4 hours as they had family photo's, parent shots, siblings, twin 1,

twin 2, twins together etc. There needs to be time for a baby to settle into their sleep patterns without forcing it. Feeding also takes time and if the baby is unsettled, can have quite a few top ups! The good news for anyone with toddlers etc is that I have young children myself, we have plenty of toys, movies, games etc to play with. I provide snacks for everyone and we live walking distance to the beach, park and cafe's. A toddlers attention span is usually very limited. So again, it's best to go with the flow. If they're not keen they can go play and I find they always wonder back in out of curiosity and jealously of not being in the photos. Just make yourselves at home, once the family photo's are done just let your kids play and enjoy the time instead of trying to keep them quiet etc.


Q - What do I need to bring/wear to my newborn shoot?

A - I will provide all blankets/props unless you have anything special you want in the photo. Bring all the usual items for a newborn (wipes, nappies etc) and also a dummy. The general rule for clothing is not to have any bold colours or patterns that would take away from the simple beauty of your newborn. Less and simplicity is best.  As mentioned earlier I will provide snacks but this may not suit your families needs so feel free to bring your own. Bring lunch (or get your partner to go buy some nearby! Uber eats is also available!)

Q - Do I need to choose my package before the session?

A - No, absolutely not. Just pay the session fee before or on the day of your shoot, then decide on the rest later. I wouldn't want to pay for something I hadn't seen and I don't expect you to either!

Q - Can you travel to me for my newborn session?

A - I can, but I tend not to. If you would like a session at your home it would be more of a lifestyle shoot. At my studio I have access to all of my usual materials and know what lighting works best, and this may be limited in your home. However if you're happy to pay a travel fee and would prefer a lifestyle shoot, this is definitely something we can arrange. 



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